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Purchase a ball weight made specifically for stretching the testicles. Friends straight masturbate on cam. You can also purchase leather straps and collars that are designed specifically for ball stretching. And the reason, from an evolutionary standpoint, why it hurts so much to get hit in the testicles is that they are the key to producing sperm.


Me playing with an old antenna in m urethra. You marked this post as helpful. But you can check out my stock account and use what you find there, as long as you read and follow the rules at the front page. The sensitive structure of the testicle is much more likely to hurt upon impact than a flaccid penis because the penis doesnt need to be as sensitive as the testicles.


Why it hurts to get hit in the testicles balls. In my experience, nothing will improve the look and feel of your penis and testicles more than a consistent pe routine. This is because their prominence has practically been replaced by sugar skull tats. More testosterone means more sperm, and fuller, heavier balls. Pain comes from nerve signals and the nerves of the testicles arent protected by any large muscles, fat, or bone.


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